Technology – Product Management, Product Marketing, Business Analysts, Financial Analysts, Data Scientists, Project Management, Program Management, Localization Management, Designers, Quality Assurance and more.


Education –  Coaching for Broad spectrum of clients holding honorable roles in both public and private educational institutions.

Healthcare – We serve clients who may practicing professionals or are professionals in the vast healthcare provider, patient, and insurer ecosystem.

Government – Serving clients who are looking to make a switch to, from, or within the Government Sector. We understand and appreciate how each of these roles may have a different need for preparation and delivery.


Whether you are looking for the promotion, wanting to make a lateral move, feeling stuck in the same role, have an interview coming up, or just not getting your dream job, we have got you covered in every career and development situation.


We have successfully delivered results for our clients who secured their first $100K job, and clients who got their dream job in Fortune 500 companies, growing startups, as well as government institutions. Your coach has experience in getting his clients job offers from Apple, Facebook, Google, and many startups. We also advise you on negotiating the compensation, and the offer terms.


Career Consultation

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