Career Coaching in San Jose, CA

I am an engineer-turned-product leader, and an entrepreneur who has worked with corporations including Microsoft, Amazon, and Intel. My first-hand knowledge of mastering change allows me to support clients through the change they want to see in their own careers and lives. I understand how making changes can be hard, yet very rewarding.  I can bring the drive and the motivation through my mentoring, and can help identify strengths, and move roadblocks for my mentees. I have experience hiring, coaching, and growing talent at some of the world’s largest corporations. I have taught skills that have made my mentees very successful, secure new job offers, or improve their career alignment with their current employer. Refer to the testimonials to see what my mentees for career coaching have said.

List of career coaching and life coaching services:

Career alignment: We will help discover your strengths and help with alignment to your short and long term career goals. Your coach will help craft a unique strategy that delivers peak-performance.

Impeccable Interviews: We will coach you to acquire new skills for the interview, for a new job, or making that big change in yourself to get promoted to the next level.

Creating your profile and your brand: This is key to positioning yourself and being competitive when you are being compared with your peers at work, or your competitors interviewing for the same job.

Managing career challenges effectively:  We offer personalized coaching depending on your unique challenges and situation.

Executive Coaching: If you lack motivation, missing focus, or just not sure about where you are headed, career coaching will enable you to find your direction, and create a lasting impact.

Compensation:We provide guidance determining what is the right compensation for you, give you inputs on negotiating all the components of your current or new compensation.

Better Leaders and Managers: Leadership is not an accident. There are numerous opportunities you may be letting pass you by, if you are notpositioning yourself or being proactive.  Take coaching for real results.

Getting started: College grad or someone wanting to get back to work after a break? Let us help you determine a few ways to get started, and make some wins.

Advice on job search: Feeling like you are applying but not seeing the needle move, let us be on your side. We work with you to tailor your approach, and your outreach.

Between jobs: Your coach can be an essential guide, and a reliable resource, when you are at the career crossroads.

Executive or Senior Presence: We partner to work on your craft, demos, and presentation skills. Career coaching is one of the best investments you make in yourself. Sometimes, it is that one meeting that determines your career trajectory, or the promotion you have been striving for.


Let us not underestimate the opportunity to have the impact at the right time, and at the right level. Leaders live by choice, not by accident ~ Mark Gorman