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Why are only some people WINNING THEIR DREAM JOB? Why are some people getting ahead SO MUCH FASTER than others?

It is because they strategically plan and develop themselves better than others. It is access to better ideas, strategies, and tools. It’s access to world-class mentorship and online interview coaching. Interview coaching is now available online to mentees worldwide. Get access to the best online interview coaching right from the comforts of your home to win your dream job. Mahesh is a seasoned coach from the tech industry who has helped his mentees across the globe land their jobs at their dream companies including Google, Amazon.com, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, VMWare, and several successful startups. Coaching is offered through Skype and Zoom.

You can now get access to the best-in-class mentoring from wherever you are.

Online interview coaching includes getting advice in the following areas:

  • Getting clarity, direction, and committing to your goals
  • Understanding your strengths and your weaknesses
  • Identifying and reaching out to a target set of companies for your dream job
  • Practicing mock-interviews and getting specific verbal and written feedback
  • Reflecting on the feedback to help improve your interview performance
  • Learn and apply the negotiation techniques that executives do to crush their goals
  • Learn the skills that are applicable to your job and career and much beyond interviews
  • Growing your Leadership, Management, and Storytelling skills
  • See a solid return on your investment for your career and for skills that matter


All this and much more from the comforts of your home.

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