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I nailed the Google interview. The icing on the cake was that I got a bigger scope and a much higher comp – crossed $300K for the first time. All thanks to Mahesh and his ongoing coaching!


In the last 4 months of intense work with Mahesh, I have won 2 awards at my workplace and got a job offer from Apple. I have witnessed the total transformation as a professional and I highly recommend ImpeccableInterview.com


I have gone from being a Sr. Manager to a Vice President – all thanks to the leadership and management advice on handling the tough situations, difficult people, and for taking on the right opportunities at the right time.


Mahesh identified my strengths and worked with me to manage expectations at work. He helped me craft stories that made me a much better storyteller. This enabled me to turn things around, overcome perception problems, and gain confidence


Mahesh was very helpful in fine-tuning my interview skills. As I have been moving into leadership positions with more responsibilities, the expectations during interviews have changed. Mahesh assisted me in staying positive, focusing on my best attributes, and gave me a reason to ” time-block” to prepare for my newest adventure! If you are looking for candid advice, and need someone to practice your interview skills, Mahesh is the best!!!


Mahesh worked with me to identify the right jobs, interview, and I now have the offer to migrate to the Bay Area. I am now looking forward to him coaching my wife for her to be successful in our new dream location. Mahesh is reliable, consistent, and I’ll continue to work with for my personal and continuous growth.


I GOT THE OFFER ..WOO HOOO !!. Mahesh’s coaching and mock interviews made me perfect in my presentation and responses. He tailored the coaching sessions to make the preparation process very simple and effective for me.