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How does the coaching process work?

We will work closely with you to identify your unique strengths, your goals, and your challenges. If you are focused on interviewing, we will coach you, do mockup interviews, and have you rehearse to be impeccable on your big day. We are not focused just on that one day or a single outcome, it is who you become as a result of receiving the coaching from us. We also provide career coaching that allows you to navigate and prepare the necessary skills for taking on your dream role.

Do you offer coaching sessions online?

Yes, our clients are based across 27 countries.  We connect using Skype, Zoom, and Phone.

How do I know if coaching is for me?

The investment that you make in yourself and your career will be the best investment ever. We spend time to understand everything that is going on in your life and career. We dive deep into all situations: looking for growth in your existing company, new opportunities externally, or just gaining clarity with a sense of direction.  Feel free to schedule a free 15-minute counseling session to discuss your situation and your goals.


Do you have success stories to share?

Our clients have had success at landing their dream jobs Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, VMWare, and many more Fortune 500 companies. They have grown their scope of work and ownership within the same company while overcoming team and management challenges. They have grown in their abilities while growing their compensation significantly. Please review our mentee testimonials.


Will my information remain confidential?

Yes, we do not sell or rent your information to any 3rd parties.


Is there homework involved?

Yes, your career counselor will conduct 1:1 session with you and will give you assignments in order to bring long-lasting changes in you. If it’s working on one of your skills or on interviewing, your coach will have you present, and do mock-interviews, as applicable for your situation. Your assessment will point to areas that you will need to focus and prepare ahead of your next session.

How do I reach out to Mahesh or get answers to my questions before I begin?

To schedule an appointment please email mahesh@impeccableinterview.com or call +1-650-427-9259.

You can reach out for a free 15-minute consultation by calling +1-650-427-9259.


How do I know there are returns on my investment?

You should see this as an investment you are making in yourself. You will be amazed by the progress you make in your career and in your life. His mentees have gone from being managers to becoming executives over the years. In terms of monetary benefits, while switching jobs, his clients have seen up to 100% increase in their total compensation.


Is this process confidential?

Absolutely. All our communications are 100% confidential.