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I am an engineer turned product leader and have worked at Amazon, Microsoft, Intuit, and Intel I have had an award-winning career, while delivering results that matter. I’m an experienced coach, a certified Public Speaker, and have trained several individuals to win in their careers and in their lives.My first-hand knowledge of mastering change allows me to support clients through the change they want to see in their own careers and lives.

I understand how making changes can be hard, yet very rewarding.I can bring the drive and the motivation through my mentoring, and can help identify strengths, and move roadblocks for my mentees. I have experience hiring, coaching, and growing talent at some of the world’s largest corporations. I have taught skills that have made my mentees very successful, secure new job offers, or improve their career alignment with their current employer. Refer to the testimonials to see what my mentees have said.

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I am gifted with the skill of identifying the strengths in my mentees, and in bringing back the passion if they feel beaten down. My coaching enables you to develop your personal brand, create your career strategy, and get the results you want.


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