Career and Interview Coaching For Your Dream Job

Career and Interview Coaching For Your Dream Job

Want to get ready for an interview, or position yourself for a promotion? Struggling at your job? Lacking motivation and clarity in life? You will move from uncertainty to opportunity and get the results. Coach is an engineer-turned-product leader and an entrepreneur, widely known as the “Results Coach” and “Master Motivator”

Coaching process involves discussing your challenges, identifying your strengths, and creating your goals. Your coach will work with you on a 1:1 basis for mock interviews, preparing for crucial projects or meetings, achieving results, and taking you through a motivational journey. A wide variety of skills include interviewing, public speaking, making presentations at work, managing conflicts, building your brand, and positioning yourself for success.


Engineer turned Product Leader and Entrepreneur

My first-hand knowledge of mastering change allows me to support clients through the change they want to see in their own careers and lives. I understand how making changes can be hard, yet very rewarding, if done right.

I have taught skills that have made people successful, secure new job offers, win in their current workplace, make awesome presentation, manage-up, and deal with conflicts. I've also provided life-coaching to many individuals who aspire to grow professionally and personally. Refer to the testimonials to see what my mentees have said.


Coaching for Career. Rewards for Life


Interview Coaching

Every careerist has a unique set of goals, challenges, and opportunities. I offer personalized 1:1 interview coaching sessions for identifying your strengths,conducting mock interviews,and practicing the perfect delivery for your dream job interview.


Career Coaching

I have over a dozen years of extensive experience hiring, coaching, and growing talent at some of the world’s largest corporations. I am gifted with the skill of identifying the strengths in my mentees, and in bringing back the passion if they feel beaten down.


Change Management

My clients consistently attain goals such as landing a new job, increasing compensation, and on job career re-alignment. My first-hand knowledge of mastering change allows me to support clients through the change they want to see. Refer to the testimonials



I got the job !! The salary is $150K plus other components that Mahesh helped me negotiate.


I GOT THE OFFER ..WOO HOOO !!. Mahesh's coaching and mock interviews made me perfect in my presentation and responses. He tailored the coaching sessions to make the preparation process very simple and effective for me.


Mahesh has transformed my career and my life in numerous ways. What started with an interview coaching session became one of the most important turning points in my life. I not only got the offer, I negotiated and got the right role at the organization of my choice.


Mahesh identified my strengths, and worked with me manage expectations at work. He helped me craft stories that brought impact to my presentation skills. This enabled me to turn things around, and feel confident not just about work, but life in general